Runs on start

I have installed openvas from greenbone and nowadays whenever i launch kali linux it automatically starts the service and takes the whole CPU. I dont know how to disable the service to start at boot up.

As with all other services you are running use systemctl disable. Nearly every Linux distribution uses systemd nowadays, so it’s even the same across distros and not specific to our software. See or man systemctl for details.

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I have tried it but whenver i start kali linux next time the service starts on its own

Again this isn’t an issue with our software. It’s just systemd.


sudo systemctl disable gsad
sudo systemctl disable gvmd
sudo systemctl disable ospd-openvas
sudo systemctl disable notus-scanner

It didn’t solved the issue.

Did you reboot ? Did you checked that the names of the services are correct ?

man systemctl and man systemd will give you more information.

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Thanks for the solution I dont what happened but it does start for a second and stops automatically.