Run a full and fast scan with OSP protocol

I need to run just the scanner without gvm and the documentation seems very scattered and incomplete. I’m using this command:

sudo runuser -u gvm -- gvm-cli --gmp-username admin --gmp-password admin --protocol OSP --timeout 120 socket --socketpath /run/ospd/ospd-openvas.sock /var/tmp/scanconfig.xml

Where scanconfig.xml contains:

<start_scan scan_id='97079ee9-8917-49da-aa4f-4ef95f757ac2' parallel='20'>
    <vt_single id=''/>
    <vt_single id=''/>
    <vt_single id=''/>

How can I expand this to run all the same tests as the default full and fast scan? Is there better documentation somewhere that I’m missing?

You can see the basic ospd-openvas command instructions here. Here is the OSP XML documentation, specifically, the credential element section.

To answer your other question about specifying a Full and Fast scan configuration, you may specify a VT Group using a filter such as the NVT family, include multiple families, or create a long list of VT Single elements but as as far as I know you cannot specify a scan configuration in the same way as you can with GMP. Keep in mind you must also pass in the VT Values when using the OSP protocol.

If you are not looking for only performance related benefits from running fewer services, then I suggest using python-gvm or gvm-cli with GMP instead. It is more convenient.

If I missed anything here, others can fill in the details.

Thanks for the response, but it doesn’t really help much. The linked documentation is sparse at best and I don’t understand how I would figure out what families to pass to openvas to get a full and fast scan.