Results page does not apply a filter to show findings of a single scan

Hi all,
it’s not been easy, but finally I’ve been able to compile and install GSE on my CentOS machine. Since GSA v9.0.0 had too many issues, I installed the inofficial and unrelease v9.0.1. As regards GVMD I had to apply the patch from merge request 841 to allow importing my ssh certificate.

Configuring everything worked fine and also scanning. When I open the report of one of a scan for a single system (Hosts tab only shows one entry and it’s the correct one) and click “Results” I see that only 4 of 110 vulnerabilities should be displayed. Fact is that I see 78 vulnerabilities, most of them are for different systems or for the correct system but from a different scan.

It looks like the invisible “report_id” filter attribute isn’t set.

Should I add yet another patch or kick out one of the patches?

GVM versions

gsa: 9.0.0 (INCORRECT, see text above!!!)
gvm: 9.0.0
openvas-scanner: 7.0.0
gvm-libs: 11.0.0


Operating system: CentOS 8.1.1911
Kernel: 4.18.0

Could you please switch to the release branches of each component like you did with GSA and retest? It is very likely your issue has been fixed already.