Results Not Showing Up In PDF

Hi there. I’m working on a script that utilizes gmp-cli to run an OpenVAS Default scan and a CVE Scan. For the CVE scan, I cannot get PDF output to work.

I was able to confirm that my code works by using XML as the output format. However, when I try to change the output format to PDF, the report only gives the number of results but does not actually list the CVEs.

This is how it looks. I thought this might be related to filters. I tried a couple of things mentioned in the forum such as enabling details. However, nothing helped so far.

<get_reports report_id=\"{}\" format_id=\"{}\" type=\"prognostic\" ".format(report_id, output_format) + \
                r"filter=\"apply_overrides=1 overrides=1 notes=1 levels=hmlg\" lean=\"1\"" + \
                r"details=\"1\" note_details=\"1\" result_tags=\"1\" ignore_pagination=\"1\"/>

<get_reports report_id=\"{}\" format_id=\"{}\" type=\"prognostic\" ".format(report_id, output_format) + \
               r"filters=\"levels=hmlg\" details=\"1\" note_details=\"1\" result_tags=\"1\" ignore_pagination=\"1\"/>

These are some of the configurations I have tried so far.