Result Managment

Hey Guys,
we are new to openvas and just started to install und configuring it.
We have a problem of understanding the display of result.

We run a tasks multiple times according to a certain time schedule.
We solved findings from previous reports.
But all findings are listed under (Scans => Results). Findings that are soleved too.

How is here the best practice to get only the relevant and actual problems? Should we delete every old Report? Then we got no history?
Or must we override all solved problems?

Thanks for your help!

Hello marcapo and welcome to the GVM community!

For needs like that, you can use Filters. You can find the documentation about them here.

For your specific issue, you could, for example, use the filter created>-3d to only display results that were created less than three days ago. If you want to persist that filter so it will be applied automatically every time you visit the results page, you can save it and then set it as a standard filter in your settings (User icon, top right → My settings → Edit icon)

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