REST API support On-Prem installtion

Hi Team,

I wanted to know do GVM have the REST API support for automation via scripts. (On-Prem Community installed solution)

Like I am looking for launching Openvas remote scanner via REST API and add into GVM. Add tasks or retrive current tasks, modify tasks. etc…

I checked the which is python library but not found functios to launch scanner, modify tasks…

Thanks in Advance.

@DeeAnn will you be please help me on this , thanks in advance

Hi, not sure what you mean by that.

If you are using our full stack the protocol to go is GMP which is a XML protocol over Unix Domain Sockets or TLS. For Python there is an library (python-gvm) and a tool (gvm-tools) abstracting the protocol. Of course with GMP you can modify tasks and lunch scans.