Residual VTs after a scanning process

Hello everybody!
I have a question: is it possible that after completing a scan over all my private network (using 0/24 in the IP of the target) any residual or not completed VT remain in the subnet for some time?
I ask because I have been receiving some network attacks alerts from my antivirus (kaspersky) some time after completing a scan (discovery scan).
Thank you!

The VTs are scripts that run on the GSM. They generate TCP/IP-Requests that get send over the network. After a scan ends no new TCP-IP-requests will be generated by the GSM.


Okay, I understand.
However, that raises another question for me. First, it is necessary to mention that I have been using not only TCP but also UDP ports in the scan. added to this, it is known that the information sent via UDP port can get lost or arrive fractioned to the receptor.
In this context, is it appropiate to assume that it’s possible for any UDP/IP-Request to get lost in the network and activate the antivirus detectors even after finishing the scan? All this knowing that the request was generated before the scan ended.
Thank you!