Rescan single host


we got some critical cve warnings with some hosts of our overall list.
Now, after we have fixed the issue (curl upgrade…) i just wanted to rescan single affected hosts, but
was not able to find a button, for just “rescan” a single host.

Is there any option? How should be the “normal” process in such cases like a weekly scan but instant fix of critical severity?

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Use either the wizard or restart your original job, then you can see the improvement within the task.

Thanks Lukas. But the original task scans 64 ip addresses. i just want to "re"scan one single host.

GVM doesn’t offer a “single host quick re-scan” feature sadly. Here are some possibilities:

  • Create a new task with the same scan config as your initial scan and the single host you want to scan as target host.
  • Run your original scan again and use the “delta report” feature to see what has changed compared to your initial report.
  • If you know for sure that the vulnerability has been fixed, you can also just wait it out and see the result of your next scheduled scan.

Alright, thanks for the answer.

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