Reports Empty and Error: Task was unexpectedly stopped or killed

After running a task I went to check the reports and found an Error message: Task was unexpectedly stopped or killed.

There were no vulnerabilities showing.

Has anybody encountered such an error before or knows how I can troubleshoot?

Hi, please provide logs without them it is impossible to help.

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Hi @MrRobot316,
the counter in the results tab (0 of 6) suggests that something has been found. Either, those are vulnerabilities that do not match your current filter, or they are log messages. As vudududu pointed out, we need those to be able to help.

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Thanks guys, I have checked the logs and nothing there.

Anyway, I was trying to perform the deployment on Kali Linux Machine.

It seems that the guide is not much trusted by the GB Community anyway.

So I did an installation from source on Ubuntu 20.04 and now it’s working like a charm.