Report size is 0 Byte

Using Greenbone Community Edition 6.0.3 in vSphere environment.
Scan runs successful, report in browser shows data.
If I select create report, selecting PDF or CSV, a file with 0 byte is saved on disk.
Is there any known bug?

Did you assigned enough resources to the GCE? This shows that your GCE might run´s out of memory.
Try to export a XML (native format) if that shows many results, it might end up in a memory issue due to limitations. Then try to reduce the amount of hosts :wink:

The VM is configured with 8 vCPU and 24GB RAM.
The native XML is created successful.
Which limitations do you mean?

There was a character escaping issue which should now be fixed in the new GCE 6.0.7, see Since there is no upgrade path for the GCE, the fix is not retroactive in this case, but only applies to reports generated by GCE 6.0.7 scans.