Report only showing Log issues

Greenbone Vulnerability Manager version 22.4.2 (DB revision 250)


I am using python-gvm in my project and everything is working well. however when i export as a pdf using this command: gmp.get_report(report_id=report_id, report_format_id=pdf_report_format_id, details=1). The report has a filter to show only Log issues and issues 1-10. How can i remove this filter.


Please take a look at the extensive API documentation of python-gvm at GMP v22.4 - python-gvm
The get_report method has an filter_string argument which can take the same content as the filter on the GSA web application. In you case filter_string="levels=hmlg".


Thank you!

I was playing around with filter strings and couldn’t seem to find something that would work.

Is there a list somewhere of all the possible filter patterns that can be used? I did not see any in the docs.


You can find possible values for the filter string in the protocol docs at TechDoc Portal But that might also not being complete. Easiest is to look at the web application and the used filters.

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