Remove logs from scans

To reduce the amount of results in my scan I want to remove all the logs and false positives in the scan configuration.
I have edited the ‘Full and Fast’ scan in a manner that it won’t have any ‘Logs’ in the NVTs, but apparently it cut off a lot of other results which their severity is above 0.
Was I doing something wrong? is there a way through the scan configuration to remove all logs so that the scan’s result include only items with severity above 0, without filtering.

Filters are the intended method to accomplish this goal. Filters can be applied as the default for the results page, or used with the python-gvm API. Others may have a different view on that.


Is it not possible to remove said logs entirely from the scan process?

No, this is AFAICT currently not possible / there is no such configuration. There are some related notes about this topic available here:

So, for comprehensibility and consistency a scan result should always be complete. It is not the task of a scanner to drop any information.