Remote Sensor (Scanner) not working in 22.4 Version

Dear All,

Yesterday, I have migrated my main OpenVAS system from the 21.4 to the 22.4 version, I’ve checked all the functionality after migration and I found that everything is working as expected, apart from one issue, I noticed that in the 22.4 version, Greenbone has removed the “add scanner” option from the UI.

Now, the actual issue come into the picture, this main system was acting as an OpenVAS Master system and it was connected to my sensor systems, After migration these sensors are not communicating with the Master system. I have gone through all the possible documents that are available on the internet.

Also, I’ve tried adding a new sensor by command line, the sensor is now visible on the OpenVAS console, but it failed to verify.

Can someone help me in this case?
Please check the attached details for the same.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank You,
Ravi Choksi

Sensor Visible on Console
Service Unavailable
Sesnor Verification Failed