Remote Posgresql server connection?


Are there any settings / config that I can do to make gvmd connect to a remote postgresql server.
I’m trying to dockerize(real word?) gse with postgres, and have it working with a local postgresql server in the container.
But I can’t make out if there is a possibility to make gvmd connect to an “remote” postgresql, any thoughts about this?

Regards Falk

You can always redirect to a file socked out of your container …


Thx, didn’t think about that :slight_smile:

Going to try it out tonight…

Regards Falk

if no use docker , how to connect a remote postgresql server?

Use transport the socket over the networks. There are many ways to do that :wink:

can I exec “gvmd --database=【user:pass@postgresql_server】” to connect?? what’s the true str format?

Please take a look how file-sockets are realized within Linux/Unix. This is complete out of scope here.

no use file-sockets,my postgresql-server listen in

GVMd needs to connect to a file-socket for security reasons.
You need to secure transport the file socked on your own over the network.