Remote connection to container

Hello, I am trying to access the GOS Administration Menu from the gvm-tools container, but whenever I lift the containers it starts and crashes, follow the installation guide of Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation and I want to connect remotely with a script from python but got this error raise GvmError(“The remote closed the connection”)
gvm.errors.GvmError: The remote closed the connection

The container greenbone-community-edition-gvm-tools-1 is always down, How can I lift the container to access the GOS menu and activate GPM?

Hi, I’ve moved your question to a new topic. Please always use a new topic, especially when the existing one is closed or older.

To answer your question, you are mixing things up. If you want to have a GOS Administration menu you need to use one of our products. The Greenbone Operating System (GOS) and its configuration menu is not available for our community edition.

But maybe you were referring to our Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL which includes GOS and the administration menu because it is a test version of our product. The TRIAL doesn’t allow external access via GMP.


Hello, is there a way to make a remote connection via ssh to openvas in the community edition? Or should I have a paid version to be able to make remote connections to openvas?

I want to connect to openvas which is in docker on a remote server, this is the script with which I am trying to connect

from gvm.connections import SSHConnection
from gvm.protocols.latest import Gmp
from gvm.transforms import EtreeTransform
from gvm.xml import pretty_print
import gvm

gmp = SSHConnection(hostname="ip",username='user',password='password')
transform = EtreeTransform()

with Gmp(connection=gmp) as gmpReady:
    gmpReady.authenticate('user', 'password')

and I get this error:
gvm.errors.GvmError: Remote closed the connection


the ssh connection doesn’t work out of the box in the community edition. You need to setup a ssh server and forward the ssh connection to the unix socket of gvmd. This is your task and there isn’t any documentation about this setup.

If you want something that works out of the box without having to hassle with the setup you need to take a look at our products.

It’s you choice, invest time or money.


I still have the same question, is there a way to connect remotely to openvas either through UnixSocket or Tls? i have the community edition

Hi, How can I get all the reports of a task with gvm-cli?

I am using this command gvm-cli --gmp-username user --gmp-password password socket --xml “<get_reports task_id=‘task_id’ />”

but I only get 10 reports and I want to get all the reports for that task (15)

Is it possible to obtain all the reports of a task using gvm-cli? And if so, what adjustment should I make to the command or configuration?

There is a default limit of 10 items. You will have to override that default setting.

Please use / create a new thread for new questions not related to the original one. Especially as the question is not related to the Community Containers at all but about the usage of the GMP protocol for which a separate / dedicated category exists: