Regarding openvas code

I have tried all the things that are given in documentation. I am trying to run the code of Openvas in visual studio code but when i compile the code it causing the errors…

identifier “OPENVAS_NVT_DIR” is undefined
identifier “OPENVAS_SYSCONF_DIR” is undefined
identifier “SYSCONFDIR” is undefined

can you tell me how these errors can be resolved.

Thank you in advance

First this has nothing to do with vulnerability tests, and you need to make sure you use CMAKE or you have to rewrite all make files if you are not using GCC and cmake.

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I am already using CMAKE but it causing same error.
I am using Kali Linux OS.

please can you help me?.

Please follow the that describes how to compile the source.

If you can´t work with variables and environment settings you should switch to a binary distribution.


You can also try a docker container.

Openvas docker image on Docker hub