Receiving error when trying to run openvassd


I keep receiving the following error when trying to run openvassd via /usr/sbin.

“Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory”

I am a complete rookie when it comes to OpenVas and I was given the task to update our instance to the latest version. We were on 7.0.2, and i believe its the GCE edition, not entirely sure honestly.

I found an article stating to the following via cli:

  • /usr/sbin/greenbone-nvt-sync
  • /usr/sbin/greenbone-certdata-sync
  • /usr/sbin/greenbone-scapdata-sync
  • /usr/sbin/openvasmd –update –verbose –progress
  • /etc/init.d/openvas-manager restart
  • /etc/init.d/openvas-scanner restart

Once I did the -update -verbose part, after completion there was no openvas-manager in /etc/init.d/. I checked the version and it was still 7.02. Then i tried the following command yum install open vas. Which didnt seem to work and only make things worse. It said openvas packages were available but none actually installed so i force installed libraries (openvas-libraries-9.0.1). I’m basically stuck as i have come across no solution to manually installing the missing shared library the error is displaying.

On top of this i made the mistake of not making a backup of our working instance, so as of right now we dont have an openvas instance working.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

This error means you don’t have openvas-libraries installed. Personally I would start from scratch and install OpenVAS/GVM from a single package source.

Therefore please contact the distributor of your OpenVAS/GVM packages on howto install and setup OpenVAS/GVM.

The Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) is a virtual machine directly provided by Greenbone. You are using packages from a third party (Greenbone doesn’t provide packages for any distribution) therefore you are using the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE).

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Thank you for the reply. Is there any other way around this? Our instance was preconfigured specifically, to which i don’t have the details for so starting from scratch could be a pain. Is there no way to manually download the libraries?

Also when i point to Lib 64 folder it looks like there is various libraries present, just not the libopenvas_nasl one.

I am sorry Greenbone doesn’t support nor provide any packages for distributions. Neither do I have any knowledge about yum and rpm based distros at all. So it’s best to contact your distibution/package maintainer.


Thanks for all your help. So I stood up a brand new instance of Openvas OS version 4.3.14. I followed the directions for the “virtual appliance” install and got the web interface up and running. However when i go to log in, it displays this message at the top: “Warning: SecInfo Database Missing SCAP and/or CERT database missing on OMP server”. When I try to run a scans they display no data whatsoever. Could this be due to the Warning error i am receiving? Thanks.


Yes it may take some time to update the secinfo data from the feed. You can’t run scans without having synced nvts from the feed.