Radius authentication settings


GVM versions

gsad: 20.08.1
gvmd: 20.08.1
openvas-scanner: 20.08.2
gvm-libs: 20.08.1


Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Kernel: 5.4.0-65-generic
Installation method / source: https://www.libellux.com/openvas/

The installation work as it should, however I’ve encountered an issue when using Radius as authentication method along with a authentication server using a YubiKey. I’ve spoke to one of the developers for the authentication server and he think the issue relies in the short timeout window in regard to the Radius configuration and also that it allows more than 1 retry per authentication (radius). This render an logged error in the authentication server which says “wrong otp value, previous otp used again”. Meaning that 2-3 authentication attempts are made during a single login to GSA.

My question is if I want to rebuild the source myself where would I be able to locate the radius settings? Also, is this something you could consider in future releases to add the possibility to change radius/ldap settings from a configuration file?

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