Questions on the scan configuration of CVE-2019-0708

Hi Openvas team,

I have a target of windows server 2003 which is vulnerable of CVE-2019-0708 (OID:, and the vulnerability can be caught by Nessus. However, my scanner with openvas can’t catch it.

I looked through the community and the topic in CVE-2019-0708 plugins seems helpful. In which Cfi mentioned that the VTs covering this specific CVE requires an authenticated scan, and also provide the document linkage ( on how to config such an authenticated scan. However the linkage failed to open (always shows 404). So my questions are:

  1. Is the configuration document moved to anywhere else? If yes, could you please update the linkage or share detailed information on how to config?
  2. As my understanding, authenticated-scan only applies to Local Security Checks VT. But openvas VT of CVE-2019-0708 ( gb_ms_rdp_cve-2019-0708_bluekeep_rce.nasl) shows its family is “Windows : Microsoft Bulletins”, not Local Security Checks. Why still authenticated scan required?

Any response from you will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,