Questions on installing gvm-tools

I have installed gvm-tools using pip3.7
here is the output

Should I install it from source?

NEVER ever install anything as root user if you are NOT advised to. pip downloads and executes python code during installation! So a malicious python package can take control over your environment every time.

So please please create a dedicated user for development.

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Thank you for the reply @bricks .
I will create the user asap.

@bricks I have created user and installed the gvm-tools using pip3.7
but I am getting same version installed
please have a look at my output

I have split the questions on gvm-tools into a separate topic as this shouldn’t be mixed with the original question.

You have installed the latest beta releases. What are you asking for? Are you asking for an advise if you should install the versions from the github master branches instead?

That depends. Just start coding and if you run into code issues you may try the github master branches.

I am looking for official way to install openvas for scanning our aws instances internally and externally. We want to automate this scanning process remotely by integrating it with jenkins.

So is there any official way to setup and install openvas with all the feeds and nvt’s .
Can you suggest some links for setting up.