Questions about Greenbone Security Feed

I have some questions about GSF. Are GSF plugins compatible with GCF? I mean, whether GSF plugins can be executed by OpenVAS, or these plugins use some features that are only available in GSM and not implemented by OpenVAS?

Also, I need to create my custom nasl plugins. But, I could not find the last version of NASL manual. How can I get the last version of NASL manual?
i would be grateful for your help.

GSF is designed and QA tested to run on Greenbone-Appliances, many uncoordinated integrations are not complete, in a broken state or some what dis-functional due to many different limitation without our control. Please read out FAQ about this.

In Theory they should run without any issues, but if you get a GSF without a Greenbone Appliance, the support stopped with the download of the GSF.

OpenVAS is the pure scanner … without UI etc …

All community knowledge is collected here, you just need to learn how to search for it or ask this fine community :wink:

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Thanks for your help.
I read some topics about how to debug and execute nasl scripts. But, I am new to nasl and I’m searching for recent version of the nasl reference manual to learn about its grammer and supported builtin functions. Unfortunately, I’ve only found an old version (2005) and from OpenVAS source it seems it has changed a lot.