Question about data flow

I would like to ask which services redis uses to write data and which need to read data. For example, when a scanning task is sent from the gsad front end, the user clicks the scan and requests to gvmd, and then gvmd sends an OSP protocol request to oenvas scanner. How is the data scanned by OpenVAS scanner stored in gvmd service, I’m a little curious

redis server is used by openvas scanner and ospd-openvas for communication. Some docs for details can be found at openvas-scanner/doc at main · greenbone/openvas-scanner · GitHub

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Thank you for your reply. I also want to know what happened during the process from the creation of a task by the user to the scanning result entering the PostgreSQL database. What I know now is that when the user clicks the scan, the task will be sent to gvmd, and then gvmd will connect to ospD through the sock. OspD uses redis to communicate with OpenVAS scanner, I’m curious about how the scanned data is stored in gvmd

openvas stores the gathered scan data about the targets in redis. gvmd requests scan results from ospd-openvas (via osp) periodically. During serving these requests ospd-openvas reads the gathered scan data from redis and creates responses to gvmd.

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Is security_message also stored in redis ?

I didn’t find security_message data in redis. Where is this data stored? If it is stored in redis, does the key name have a certain rule

I don’t know what you mean by security_message. All data produced by the execution of a nasl file gets stored in redis. The openvas scanner is executing the nasl scripts and puts their gathered data into redis. ospd-openvas takes the scan data from redis on <get_scans> osp requests from gvmd. For each scanned host an own redis db is used.


It is a method in OpenVAS scanner. NASL script uses it to return scanning result data to OpenVAS scanner. Is this data also stored in redis

For example, there is this function in line 113 of cross_site_scripting.nasl

I have the same question too. Could someone provide the answer or related linkage?
Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!