Query a result ,Backend operation too slow

in a report, when I click “* Report: Vulnerabilities”
and filter “levels=hmlgf min_qod=1”
the “Backend operation” is 80.07s
It’s too slow, how can I make it speed up? such as create a index in sqlite db or other way.

On what are you running GVM ? It fully depends on your platform, IO-Performance, RAM, Database-Fragmentation and many other factors. It is complete impossible to give here an answer without more information. First i would suggest you use the system commands to check your performance.

how to know the time of “Backend operation” spend on what step or what sql statement?

On PostgreSQL you can turn statement debugging on, within the GVMd you will see the time for a logical operation, this is not only the SQL statement but the GMP operation.But 80s for 123 Vulnerabilities is far to slow, so your system is total messed up. This might be the case of your system.

I use sqlite and the system’s performance not bad

Anything visualized ?
I see swap that usually will kill your performance as well.
So you seem to use Kali Linux, so i suggest you get back to the Kali forum, we can not support any packets build by a 3rd party. I would suggest you use PSQL and a different System with GVMd.

I’ll try it, thanks.