Python-gvm or gvm-tools connection refused

I’m beginner in greenbone. I need download result or report for import logstash. I tried to connect TLSconnection with python-gvm. I have to export datas with Api. How can I do this.? I installed Greenbone 22.04 with docker-compose.

Hi @ingenieurr

Since you have used docker-compose, you may just want to use the socket connection for gvm-tools?

We have a description here: Workflows - Greenbone Community Documentation

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Thank you for your quickly answer. I got some things with xml format. I want to import dataset to elasticsearch. Therefore I need get to download csv format. Could you help me?

AFAIK there is a way to download report content in a CSV format.

See python-gvm/ at c85fc5ca0aea32e747ccedbdee7e8c2d07821638 · greenbone/python-gvm · GitHub for the report format type UUIDs (hosts and results). You can pass the type in get_report with report_format_type=....

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where will it download these vulns or results, reports? Can I get to outside the container?
thank you for your patience

When you use the python-gvm API within a script or sth. you define the path where the results are saved. If you are not experienced with python you may need to get used to it at first.
Alternatively you may just want to download the wanted data from the we binterface GSA?

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