Pulled new images but database is still old

Hi there.

Just used the docker-compse pull with the docker-compose.yml and seemed to work OK, but the database is still 11 days old.
Version is 22.4 and images downloaded… Well, 11 days ago.
Need I to destoy the container and/or the images and restart all again?


yes that’s completely fine. The feed data is provided by several container images and gets copied into docker volumes on startup. Same for the db. If the db container is started a db volume is created where the db data is stored. Otherwise you would loose all your data on every shutdown of the containers.

tldr; the feed data is not provided with the pg-gvm container image. all things are fine.


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Thanks. So, what should I exactly do? I’m not very proficient at docker.
Should I destroy containers and recreate them again? Which ones? Which parameters?


Just follow https://greenbone.github.io/docs/latest/22.4/container/workflows.html#updating-the-greenbone-community-containers