Proctitle "gvmd: Syncing SCAP"

What exactly does the proctitle “gvmd: Syncing SCAP” mean?
I updated all the feeds and restarted gvmd as well as openvassd - now gvmd is reporting multiple proctitles:

root     31972  0.3  0.2 312796 83660 ?        SL   16:09   0:01 gvmd: Waiting for incoming connections
root     31992 99.2  3.3 1316956 1081852 ?     R    16:09   7:35 gvmd: Syncing SCAP
root     32057 99.8  0.2 321916 79480 ?        Rl   16:10   7:09 gvmd: Serving client

Is “Syncing SCAP” some step in processing the updated feeds?

With GVM 10 you don’t need to restart openvassd and gvmd anymore. They are updating the nvt, scap and cert data automatically.

SCAP data contains information about CVEs and CPEs.


As an addition the related ChangeLog entry for GVMd to this change:

The gvm daemon automatically detects new SCAP and CERT data as well as when new
NVTs are available from the OpenVAS Scanner and will load/update the database
accordingly. Therefore the --rebuild, --update and --progress options have
been removed.

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So basically "gvmd: Syncing SCAP” means: The system noticed a change in the feeds and is reloading them (which obviously can take quite some time).