Problem dependency with v22.4 and Ubuntu 22.04

One of the pre-requisites of gvmd is the installation of postgresql-server-dev-13.

First of all, there is no longer a package for it on Ubuntu 22.04 as per Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- postgresql-server-dev

In fact, when you try to go directly to the download URL you come upon an empty directory:

Thus, it appears to be an Ubuntu problem. It’s also my problem since I can’t now build the source to make this work :slight_smile:

Hi our guide Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation also supports Ubuntu 22.04 and uses the postgres 14 package.

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I’m sorry I was unclear. Those were the instructions I used :slight_smile:

I am still not sure what your issue is exactly. The docs are listing postgresql-server-dev-14 for Ubuntu 22.04 and not postgresql-server-dev-13.

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You are absolutely right. I completely misread one section. Thank you and my apologies. I appreciate your patience!

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