Preview Greenbone Managed Service Platform

Preview GMSP User Interface

For a very first impression of our new platform, we have prepared two screen-shots.

All key functionalities of the platform are implemented and working. We are now starting into a testing phase with selected partners for the initial user experience optimization.

Once launched, everyone will be able to run a full scan free of charge for a target host. Of course you may only scan hosts your are in charge of. Several plans for commercial upgrades are offered with a monthly subscription basis.


Really interested in this product!
Have had to deal with trying to manage Masters and Slave virtual installs and would be interested in having someone contact myself for more information in terms or beta testing and also subscription costs?


Thank you for your interest. We are currently busy to handle the list of selected beta testers, essentially from our existing partner base.

In this category we will inform about our progress. And also describe our key concepts on how continuous scanning, alerting and internal scanning is done with this product. And of course about the pricing model.