PQexec failed: ERROR: incompatible library “/opt/gvm/lib/libgvm-pg-server.so”: version mismatch

I’m seeing extreme slowness as well on GSM 20.08. It was suggested in another thread this was due to PostgreSQL v12 and using v11 solves this, but when I tried to build using v11, I got the following when trying to start gvmd:
md manage:WARNING:2020-10-28 00h52.12 utc:1166: sql_exec_internal: PQexec failed: ERROR: incompatible library “/opt/gvm/lib/libgvm-pg-server.so”: version mismatch
DETAIL: Server is version 11, library is version 12.

I’m not sure how to resolve the version mismatch, I think this is the code expecting version 12, and I installed version 11. Not sure if there’s a cmake variable that can be set to make the code expect v11? Not sure if I’m completely off track here, as I’m not a dev.

You need to rebuild and reinstall gvmd too. gvmd is the component connecting to PostgreSQL and providing the libgvm-pg-server.so.

Hey How is it going I know this answer is kind of late but I was able to fix my issue by update libpq-dev package. I was running server 9.6 but gvmd was linked with libpq-dev ver. 9.5 (which is the main package for xenial in my case)

I purged libpq-dev and I downloaded and installed the debian package libpq-dev 9.6(in your case it would be to update your server to postgresql-12 so it can match your linked library, or downgrade your installed libpq-dev package to 11) and I do not have the issue anymore. This is not an issue to migrate from another from postgresql-11 to postgresql-12. This is an “issue”(technically not) to which you gvmd build is linked when you run cmake … in the build directory.

This is now solved there are a lot of misinterpretations about this online causing people to get confused even more. I would call the issue closed now.