Postfix + OpenVas Email Alerts


I need some advice about configuring Postfix, because I would like to connect it to our company exchange SMTP server. I already tried postfix and sending manually an email. But I’ve got a status=bounced + unknown user error, and could not find any useful solution. And also could not find solution for connection to Exchange SMTP. So I would appreciate any advice. If it’s necessary I can sent more details about the postfix file.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

You can try to follow these instructions for setting up SMTP:

The Greenbone Community Edition just passes the emails via local sendmail and that’s it.

Setting up a MTA is a tough task with many pitfalls. Several books have been written about this topic and the internet is full of tutorials. Therefore we don’t add anything about setting up a MTA like Postfix in our source build docs. IMHO this forum is also not the right place for getting help about Postfix specific issues, sorry.