Port TCP 0 and Check for Discard Service

I am new here. I have recently been using GSA in the Community Containers version. I have already removed many potential vulnerabilities.

however, the two problems found are bothering me.
It is about:

TCP0 port open
Check for Discard service

Both issues are found on a Windows Server 2019 machine. Discard service is not installiert. I couldn’t find the registry key responsible for this service. I check the system and no other service is using port 9 for me. In windows defender, I completely blocked communication on port 9. Despite this, a potential vulnerability is still detected and I do not know how to deal with it. is it False Positive? If so, how do I remove it from the list?

The second vulnerability is more puzzling to me.
It is known that port 0 is reserved and not used. I have introduced a blockade of this port on all sides in defender, but this vulnerability is also still identified as a major threat.

Does anyone have any other tips for me?

Hello and welcome to this community portal.

A result of the mentioned test is triggered once data sent to the two mentioned port 0 and 9 are getting / receiving an answer which “proofs” that something is running on these ports and answering accordingly.

Such a behavior could have various origins:

  1. Some network / security equipment like a firewall, a IDS/IPS/WAF or similar is responding to the queries
  2. Something special in the Docker networking setup on the scanner host

I would first try to figure out why the scanner is getting a response from the target host when sending and receiving data for the ports in question.

If this is not successful a override for the specific target could be set (see the GSM Manual for more information).