Podman container not clearing down openvas --scan-start

Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue with the Greenbone Community containers when running under Podman on Rocky 8.8 and wondered if anyone else has come across it or can suggest a fix?

After starting a scan I can see the “openvas --scan-start {report-id}” process starting, however, it does not clear after the scan has completed - I do see it clear using the same containers but running under Docker on Ubuntu 22.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT with additional info: I am having this issue on 2 separate Rocky 8.8 servers both running the Greenbone Community containers in Podman.

I followed the logs at the end of a scan on both Rocky/Podman and Ubuntu/Docker setups and found 1 difference, but I’m unsure if it’s related. The Ubuntu/Docker setup shows the below just before the “Host scan finished” message from ospd-openvas-1, which I do not see on the Rocky/Podman setup.

“mqtt-broker-1 | 1716550208: Client cb3f2f7f-e32c-47ca-82d3-8440fe3a0098 closed its connection.”