Permission denied for Edit Scan Config Full and fast

Hi all! I am new here.

I would like to resolve a issue from your help that I am currently facing. In my Full and fast scan config some options are not checked, so when I check them and click on save button it gives me ‘Permission denied’ error. I also have full privileges of admin but still cannot save it. Moreover, I have added write permission for scan config but still it doesn’t give me permission to save. What is the solution to this? Thank you very much.

Edit: Greenbone Security Assistant Version 22.4.0
OpenVAS 22.4.1
Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 22.4.2

Hello XT785, welcome to the Greenbone community!

This is expected behaviour for the “Full and fast” scan config. All default scan configs cannot be edited. This is because they are distributed via the feed by Greenbone and any changes we might make would otherwise overwrite your local version.

If you need to make changes to a scan config, we recommend cloning it and then editing the cloned config.


Thank you so much for your help sir.