PDF reports size is limited to 1000 results

I make a PDF report with gvm-cli 1.4.1 (config is only for credentials):

gvm-cli tls --hostname --xml "<get_reports report_id='<report_id>' format_id='<pdf_format_id>' filter='min_qod=30 levels=hmlgd autofp=0 apply_overrides=1 notes=1 overrides=1 result_hosts_only=1 first=1 rows=0 sort-reverse=severity' />" -c <config_path>|grep -oP '(?<=\<\/report_format\>)[^<]+'|base64 -d > test.pdf

In resulting PDF report I see that:

This report contains results 0 to 999 of the 12033 results selected by the filtering described above. Before filtering there were 15915 results.

Total and filtered amount of results are the same as GSA shows me. But why is it only 1000 results in the report? What is the limit? How to change it?

OpenVAS Manager 7.0.3

You could try to pass ignore_pagination=1



Thank you! It works. And --timeout switch is also very helpful advice with so big reports.

And what about downloading reports through WebUI? ignore_pagination trick doesn’t work because it is not part of the filter, right? How can we bypass the 1000 limit in this case?