PDF report content with script does not contain any infos

i hope i did put this in the right category.
I found this nice script, first i wanna say thank you.

With gvm-script --gmp-username=xyz --gmp-password=xyz tls --hostname pdf-report.gmp.py "bb2b8f20-cd21-44fc-9d63-93a0b6d586b7" test123
i create the pdf file. But the content doe not contain any information about the scan.
If i download the report from the gvm web gui it contains the infos i need.
But for both reports, the id is the same, why is that?

best regards

What report are you downloading via GSA? The normal PDF report or the GSR PDF?

So or so, I think what will help you is change line 58ff in the pdf-report.gmp.py:

response = gmp.get_report(
    report_id=report_id, report_format_id=pdf_report_format_id, details=True

Thank you, i will try that