Part of cronjob does not work

Hello everyone,
i got a cronjob running for the nvt feeds etc.
Currently lokks like this:
58 13 * * * /opt/gvm/bin/greenbone-nvt-sync
02 14 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type CERT
05 14 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type SCAP
54 13 * * * /opt/gvm/sbin/greenbone-feed-sync --type GVM_DATA

It works, but only the last one GVM_DATA is not running properly.
I am wondering why its not running sonce the command is the same and it works for SCAP and CERT.
Does anynone know what i am missing?

best regards,

Please elaborate on this as “is not running properly” doesn’t contain enough information to understand the problem you are facing.

It does not run at all. I can run the single command manually, thats what i meant with “properly”, i am sorry for the confusion

You could check the logs where your system is logging the execution of the cron jobs (e.g. /var/log/syslog or similar) for any pointers why the command isn’t running via cron.

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… its GVMD_DATA spelling mistake