Overrides not showing in API results

I used this python library: https://github.com/mpicard/pyvas
to retrieve all threats with the severity of five or above. Then I tried marking the following threat as “False Positiv” and again retrieved all threats with the severity of five or above.
But the threat hasn’t changed. Following is the threat after I applied the override.

       'name':'Missing `httpOnly` Cookie Attribute',
          'name':'Missing `httpOnly` Cookie Attribute',
          'family':'Web application abuses',
          'xref':'URL:https://www.owasp.org/index.php/HttpOnly, URL:https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Testing_for_cookies_attributes_(OTG-SESS-002)',
          'tags':"cvss_base_vector=AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:N/A:N|summary=The application is missing the 'httpOnly' cookie attribute|vuldetect=Check all cookies sent by the application for a missing 'httpOnly' attribute|insight=The flaw is due to a cookie is not using the 'httpOnly' attribute. This\n  allows a cookie to be accessed by JavaScript which could lead to session hijacking attacks.|affected=Application with session handling in cookies.|solution=Set the 'httpOnly' attribute for any session cookie.|solution_type=Mitigation|qod_type=remote_banner",
       'description':'The cookies:\n\nSet-Cookie: Domain=;Domain=;Path=/;Secure \n\nare missing the "httpOnly" attribute.',

In the web GUI the threats is displayed as “False Positiv” and not counted but the API output is still showing “‘overrides’:None” and “‘severity’:‘5.0’” as if there were no override.
Could this be a bug of the OpenVAS API?

pyvas is not our official API nor is it connected to the GVM/OpenVAS project at all. Please take a look at
https://python-gvm.readthedocs.io/ and

for our official API.


I know that pyvas is not the official library. The Library is just for the connection to the API the results are the same.

You really should use our API. How should we able to answer questions about unrelated software?

I think you mixed up API and library.
I use your API and the pyvas library to call it. The library is just to make it easier it does not change the result. I cloud use your library but the official python library for OpenVAS does not support python 3.x nor does it support the newest version of OpenVAS. Because of this, I have to use the before mentioned library.

I found this guy with the same issue:


python-gvm requires at least Python 3.5. Python 2 is not supported.

python-gvm is our official Python API. If you are sure you are sending a valid GMP request with this other library you should post the XML GMP request here and also you should post the used version of our management daemon gvmd.