Override for any host but x.x.x.x

The override feature allows to create an override for either one host or all host.
What i’m looking for is an override that can be applied to “All hosts but not x.x.x.x”

Any ideas weather that is feasible ??
I already tried to specify a host value
“not” ==> can not be saved. “Error in host specification”
“!” ==> After save it’s changes to the Any radio button

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Hi @midyrp,

With a disclaimer that I haven’t tried this and I am also not sure what options are all available in the Community Edition- a possibility could be to filter on the report end of things. There is some documentation here about filters: 11 Reports and Vulnerability Management — Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) 21.04.11 documentation (edit- fixed link to point to newer docs)

Hi @DeeAnn

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think that will not work for me. The case is, i’m pulling the individual results via the API to auto-generate tickets in the helpdesk tool.

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