Ospd-openvas via TLS, no NVT's

I have a ospd-openvas running on a remote box. gvmd can communicate to it over TLS. When I add a scanner config to gsa, it lists no NVT’s and Families.

When I add the same ospd-openvas to the on-box gvmd via socket, I do see all the NVT’s. So I know the scanner has them.

Should I perform something to get the local gvmd to “see” the remote’s ospd-openvas NVT’s? Or should it work this way?

Hi bvanh,

I have exactly the same problem. Creating OSP scan configs for remote scanners is empty, and thus scans always fails and end up in errors. Where you able to find a solution to this ?


Nope not yet, open for options.

Well, I’m trying the following workaround: Change the scanner type from OSP to OpenVAS using gvmd --modify-scanner and then in your task you can select a working scan config, like Full & Fast.

I’m doing that at the moment and it works. I have no idea if this is the proper way to do things or not… I don’t know for you, but on my side I’m completely confused by the way to manage scanners in both GVM / GSA.