Openvassd --version not displayed after upgrade


My openvas9-scanner is outdated (5.1.2) so I upgraded it to (5.1.3) using command
sudo apt install openvas9-scanner.
No error during and after the upgrade but when I try to do
openvassd --version
to verify if it is upgraded I get this error
openvassd: symbol lookup error: openvassd: undefined symbol: nvticache_count

This is the version of my openvas9-manager - 7.0.3-1
I already restarted my machine and rebuild the database.
GSA is still accessible but encountered a 503 error which is I’am solving right now.
What could be the problem with this?


this has probably the same/similar cause (mixed package versions) like discussed in the thread below.

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The provider of the packages (most of the time your distribution) did something wrong. Such issues can be avoided by settings the correct dependencies in the packages. Therefore you should report this issue to the authors of your openvas packages.

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so is this a dead end issue for now?

Latest openvas-scanner needs to be linked against the latest release of openvas-libraries. We (the Greenbone developers) can’t do anything to improve your situation. You need updated and fixed packages.