Openvassd can't find /var/run/openvassd.sock

This might not be the right place to get help with Openvas 9 issues, if it is please put it in the right place or let me know

This is on the latest VM image of Kali Linux, which is Debian based.

The scanner hung while scanning a number of machines. Haven’t been able to get it back.

mv /var/cache/openvas /etc/cache/openvas-bak
apt-get remove openvas
apt-get install openvas

edit serive and conf files to change /var/run to /run as /var/run doesn’t exist
ln -s /run /var/run
or the other way around - I never remember the right choice given only 2 options or remember the wrong one

apt-get update

reloaded daemons

fixed with

redis-cli -s /run/redis-openvas/redis-server.sock flushall

which was from another forum, but not obviously in any of the manuals


Just tell the package maintainers, do not run a persistent redis on disk and use ram only :wink: This is a pure packaging error and not a GVM issue.

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I’m sure I’ll work out that means eventually.
Who are the package maintainers?

The person at Kali that takes our source code and integrate it into the Kali Distribution. Details can be found at the Kali website.

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