Openvasmd option --client-watch-interval=0?


Does anyone knows the meaning of this parameter for openvasmd ? I can’t find any documentation for this parameter. I’m asking because using this parameter seems to fix the “openvasmd: cannot authenticate to manager daemon” error when working on a database with multiple tasks.

Thanks a lot

gvmd --help

Check if client connection was closed every <number> seconds. 0 to disable. Defaults to 1 seconds.

Thanks bricks, but is there any issues in disabling this setting for production use ?

Some context for this parameter quoted from @tpollmeier in: Gvm-cli connections fail under openvassd load · Issue #347 · greenbone/gvmd · GitHub

It looks like openvasmd is considering the connection closed too soon.
Starting openvasmd with the option --client-watch-interval 0 may help for now.

I think we could possibly make the closed connection detection more stable by trying again
to peek at the request from the client at least once.

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