OpenVAS works in kali container, but docker containers can't allocate enough memory

So I’ve run into some very weird issues with openvas on a kali docker container and decided to move forward with the openvas containers here:

The problem that I’m noticing is running into memory issues. I’ve never had any memory issues running openvas inside of a kali container, but now I’m running into memory issues trying to start all of the docker containers.

Is there a way to “control” the amount of memory required by the containers by chance?

Hello altjx,

How much memory did you allocate? Do you meet the hardware requirements outlined in the Building 22.4 from Source Guide?


You can check the memory usage and some other statistics about your Docker containers with the docker stats command. You can find the documentation for it here.

I don’t think limiting the memory will fix the issue. The initial loading of the feed information requires a lot of memory. We recommend at least 4GB. The more the better. Of course you can limit all kind of resources via settings in the docker compose file. See for the details. But be aware this might kill processes within the containers and may result in unexpected behavior.

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Definitely understandable and thanks for this input. The VM itself had 4GB of memory. I did “re-up” the container though and it worked the second time. Guessing there might have been something else that was constraining the memory.

Thanks for this information.