OpenVAS Scanning Results

Hello team,

I have the following OpenVAS scanning results:
(a) Results (56 of 487)
(b) Ports (11 of 23)
(c) Applications (14 of 14)

Why on (a) I can see only 56 of 487?
Why on (b) I can see only 11 Ports of 23?
Why on (a) and (b) I can see some results and Ports and on (c) I can see all the applications?

Is somewhere documentation that explains the OpenVAS results?

I am just checking again the scanning results and I noticed a column called “QoD” - Quality of Detection. The QoD on the default scan is 70, and probably if I lower the value of QoD I will get more results.
I will check it and confirm.

Check your filter and results, that Topic is discussed on many posts, like here:

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Relevant documentation can be found e.g. here: