Openvas scanner - listening but not binding to port 9391


redis-server is running and using the correct configuration…

If I check the logs:
[Sat Jan 26 22:05:21 2019][4491] openvassd 5.1.1 started

if I do ps aux |grep openvassd
root 4491 8.7 1.2 190204 13036 ? Ss 22:03 0:28 openvassd: Waiting for incoming connections

But it’s not listening on port 9391… if I do netstat -antp openvas is not listening in any port… could someone point me on the right direction?


Did you bound it to a file-socket ?

It is expected (and in nearly every case not required) that the openvassd isn’t listening on a TCP port by default. The only service which should listen externally on a TCP port is the gsad of the Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA):

The default port of the GSA is either 443 or 9392 (depending on the permissions of the user running the gsad daemon or the availability on the 443 port) as described in GitHub - greenbone/gsa: Greenbone Security Assistant - The web frontend for the Greenbone Community Edition

One additional (but not directly related) note to this version:

if you compare this version with the recent releases of OpenVAS / GVM 9 listed here:

you can see that those are quite outdated. Its strongly recommended to keep your installation up to date.