Openvas report csv download

i have an issue when downloading reports from openvas. i have run a scan and have the report avaiable in open as the below image

When i download the report in CSV format it only gives me 1000 entries in the downloaded csv file. i ahve not put any filters or anything. im expectign to have about 14000 entries in the csv file. were can i tweak to get the full results.

issue number 2 is also realted to the report. when i download the XML version and use openvasreporting to convert the report to XLSX again it doenst show me all the entries. the new xlsx only show i have 460 vulnerebilities yes i have 14K. is there something im missing?

anybody to offer some assistance.

You can read these other previous questions and responses on the forum:

As for the openvasreporting tool, this is a 3rd party tool, not a tool built by Greenbone. Any issues or request for support should be reported to them directly.