Openvas-plugins mailing list seems close. Did we have other channel of communication?


I wanted to check with you guys about the possibility/interest of sharing/creating an NVT script.

According to the page a good starting point is the mailing list hosted on

In the later link the mailing list indicate that "This mailing list was closed September 30th 2018. "

I just want to know if the discussion move elsewhere ?

Hi and welcome at the new community portal,

quoting there from the last announcement related to the closing of the ML:

this is a reminder:

Only 9 days to go until this mailing list is shut down.

The community forum is already very active.
Lets meet there! :

so you already have found the new home of discussions around VT development. :+1:

Just to summarize:

  1. OpenVAS - Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner is deprecated and probably will be removed soon. New content will be maintained in VT Development - Vulnerability Tests - Greenbone Community Forum and probably split into separate topics at some point in the future.

  2. If you have plugin/VT specific questions related to development, VT requests or false positive/false negative reports you can use the following category: Vulnerability Tests - Greenbone Community Forum

  3. If you have issues with the Feed (e.g. slow sync, no sync at all or similar) you can use the following category:

  4. And finally when having question on how plugins/VTs are used (e.g. how the scanner is starting them) you can use the following category:

Hope this gives a brief overview over the new communication channel here.


Thanks a lot.