OpenVAS NVT plugins

Hi, i want to know how many vulnerabilities can OPENVAS detect but I cannot find the list of plugins of NVT. Any ideas?

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check this website: (Login as Guest).
Let me know if i understood your question correctly


Yes , thank you. You did answer it.
So there is 100822 vulnerability test but how many vulnerabilities does that cover?

To be honest, it is simply not possible to quantify this. The number of VTs (Vulnerability tests) is not equal to the number of covered vulnerabilities, because many VTs cover multiple vulnerabilities instead of just one.
Many VTs are based on official vendor advisories and have a CVE-ID assigned for each individual vulnerability.
But CVD-IDs can target more than just one vulnerability or “vulnerability-chains”
We have many VTs covering vulnerabilties, that have no assigned CVE-ID (yet)

I’m afraid that question can not be answered

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I get it but I don’t want an exact number just a limitation or the number that it can’t exceed, for example, OpenVAS cannot detect all the common vulnerabilities exposures.

Hi @_OR

Can you tell me why this site has more NVTs than my appliance ? Is this the licensed version you need to pay ? Or how can I add more NVTs via a plug-in or list ?


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you can find the answer to this here:

This is taken from the related White paper
that can be found here besides other useful information