Openvas-nasl: Libgcrypt warning

I have installed openvas using the Centos repositories and everything is running fine but I am getting the following error when running any openvas-nasl commands:

openvas-nasl: Libgcrypt warning: missing initialization

The openvassd and openvasmd are running without error:

root 21828 1 4 10:13 ? 00:00:52 openvassd: Waiting for incoming connections
root 22011 1 0 10:15 ? 00:00:00 openvasmd

[root]# openvas-nasl /var/lib/openvas/plugins/http_version.nasl -t localhost
base gpgme-Message: Setting GnuPG homedir to ‘/var/lib/openvas/gnupg’
base gpgme-Message: Using OpenPGP engine version ‘2.0.22’
base gpgme-Message: Setting GnuPG sysconf homedir to ‘/etc/openvas/gnupg’

openvas-scanner 5.0.6
openvas-manager 6.0.9
Centos -7.3.1611 (Core)


please note that those are components of OpenVAS 8 which reached their end-of-life a few months ago as announced at

It is strongly recommended to plan a migration to the recent GVM-9 (end-of-life, initial release 2017-03-07) ASAP.

it seems this has been reported as a bug here:

Thank you but I have upgraded to openvas 9 and it is still kicking out the same error.
Any other advice please?

[root@admin bin]# rpm -qa|grep openvas



you can subscribe to the linked github issue to get a notification if some one is having a look at it.

Switching to a different Linux Distro like Debian stable/testing where this isn’t showing up could be an alternative.

A second alternative could be to build the packages from scratch as the newly posted versions seems to be outdated versions not matching the current OpenVAS/GVM 9 versions mentioned in the previous second link.

Okay thanks, i got them from the atomicorp repo. The ones I installed are the latest ones on there.
So either compile or change OS?