Openvas-nasl -D issue


today I tried to investigate why for one of my servers it’s reported that DH key size is too small. I dug in the plugin directory and found that the NVT is 2016/gb_ssl_dh_weak_keysize_vuln.nasl. So my idea was to execute the script manually using openvas-nasl. I read that the “-D” option should print a description, but it silently quits when executed like this:
openvas-nasl -DX -i /var/lib/openvas/plugins /var/lib/openvas/plugins/2016/gb_ssl_dh_weak_keysize_vuln.nasl

Is it a bug or do I need to run openvas-nasl in a different way?

GVM versions

I compiled the latest release branch code from Git which I downloaded on 2020-05-04 on a CentOS 8.1 system.
gsa: 9.00
gvm: 9.0.1~git-a5d3e4a1-HEAD
openvas 7.0.0
gvm-libs: 11.0.1

The -D option of openvas-nasl is a switch to run only the description part of a VTS (in contrast of -B which runs the description part and then the script or by default only runs the script), but not printing anything of this description part. Currently there is no option in openvas-nasl to print anything in the description.

Depending on what you’re after -d will get you some more debug information when running a script and --debug-tls might be of some help as well. Of course --help will give you further options.